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of the pro-russia strongholds, overtaking checkpoints, television station, and also a government building that had been occupied by the pro-russian separatists. they were not able to push their way into the main stronghold, where pro-russian separatists militias are dug in and well armed of the the violence is spreading south and west toward odessa. they're 30-plus people died and many more were injured in running street battles between police, demonstrators and separatists. the pro-russians ended up in a main building, taking refuge from the violence. soon the building was in flames and people were jumping from the windows. ukrainians blame russian military and intelligence officers for sparking the violence. moscow calls the latest ukrainian crackdown a crime and say they are getting thousands of calls from russian citizens, russian speakers and ethnic russians here in eastern ukraine asking for their help. of course, the fear is that help will come in the form of those 40,000-plus russian troops currentsly on the border invading eastern ukraine. arthel, back to you. >> thank you very m
.s. economy, further threats by the west to increase sanctions against russia over ukraine, outrage in nigeria over the more than 200 girls abducted by extremists, brutal conditions for young boys at schools in senegal, a new push to end the widespread killing in south sudan, plus, shields and brooks on the week's news. >> woodruff: if you saw only the headlines that came out of today's jobs report, it looked very strong. the labor department reported employers added 288,000 jobs in april-- a good deal more than economists were expecting. and the unemployment rate fell to 6.3%, down from 6.7% in march, to a five and a half year low. but the picture is more complicated as our newshour economics correspondent, paul solman, reports, it's part of his ongoing reporting: "making sense of financial news". >> reporter: the jobs picture brightened last month. employers reporting they added jobs at the headiest pace in more than two years, and hiring picked up in a wide swath of sectors, led by professional and business services, retail and construction. what's more, 36,000 more jobs were added in febru
relationship with putin and russia? >> i don't want to appear to be pompous, but when i was last here on your show during general assembly, i went out in front of the general assembly and said, look, i'm going to diversify my friends. >> charlie: because you don't believe you can depend on the united states? >> because i believe that, for egypt to grow stronger and better, we need to have more friends. when i went to moscow, before the marshal, i said in moscow this friendship is not at the expense of america. >> charlie: and do the americans accept that? >> i think they do because i think they understand the depth of our cooperation. when you're looking at military aid, i decide to buy an f-16 or whatever the number is, now, that's a project that i think about in terms of what airports and airfield i'm going to build now for a plane i'll buy in five years if not ten years. if i can't depend on you ten years from now, i won't build that airport, i can't look at that airplane. so cooperation can't be based on the politics of the day, it has to be based on the nature of the relationship. >> cha
is that this meeting was called by the russians, and it's pretty clear to me that now with russia being attacked by many countries around the world, russia seems to have a pretty consistent diplomatic strategy and that is attack is the best form of defense. hence they called this meeting, pa the russian ambassador who said it was ukraine that was violating the agreement reached in geneva in april. >> the white house is now insulted by our appeal to the kiev government to withdraw forces. before washington had requested elected president victor jankovic to not use force against its people. it's very strange logic that now force can be used against civilians. >> reporter: and he went on to say that he wanted his western colleagues to think twice about their policies. >>> president barack obama has met his german counterpart in washington, d.c. today. >> if we see the destabilization continuing so severely that impedes elections on may 25th, we will not have a choice but to move forward with additional, more severe sanctions, and the consultations have been taking place over the course of the last
was about ukraine and sanctions against russia. that's something she's been front and center on. the second question was about the death penalty and that botched execution in oklahoma. this benghazi story obviously has been out there, front and center for several days. several networks, news organizations pressing jay carney that something as big as that -- especially since john boehner announced the special committee minutes before the news conference. you thought you'd get some questions on that. back to you, greta. >> oh! >> i know the difference. >> no problem, fred. see you. >>> the families of those who lost loved ones in benghazi reacting to the white house narrative, as well as that dramatic testimony from the military's top intelligence official at the time of the attack. listen to that part of that testimony. >> did they ever tell you to go save people in benghazi? >> not to my knowledge, sir. >> we didn't run to the sound of the gun. they were already issuing press releases. >> four individuals died, sir. we obviously did not respond in time to get there. >> could we have? >> we
world leader is as comfortable with the selfie craze as president obama. and a threat from russia concerning american astronauts at the international space station. "the grapevine" is next. and a pasta. all on one plate. three delicious choices. all for $15.99 for a limited time only! come sea food differently today! marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. >>> now some news from the political grapevine. our president and vice president have seemingly jumped on the selfie craze sweeping the nation and the world. with everyone from celebrities to the pope to the dalai lama posing for smartphone pictures. but not every world leader is on board with the constant snapping of pictures. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu recently went on a rant when apparently his picture was taken as he waited for a tv interview. quote, what do you get out of all these pictures,
into what caused the ferry to sink. >>> the crisis in ukraine had more russia -- has made russia more of an enemy than a partner, according to the number two official at the nato. video shows pro-russian militant attacking riot police and storming a prosecutor's office in a town in eastern ukraine. meantime, police and volunteers set up road blocks outside another town trying to stop pro-russian militants from entering. ukrainian officials say some militants are actually elite russian soldiers. today row, held its first may day parade in red square since vladimir putin gave out some hero of labor awards originally created by joe -- joseph stalin. >> internet giants are eyeing an important court case that might be in the hands of the u.s. supreme court. the outcome of this case could change the rules the next time you leave any kind of a comment on a web site. >> plus, why you might want to reconsider your next visit to the nail salon. jeff... hey, scott! top of the mornin' to you, sir. this is no time for lollygaggin', lad. but we love lollygaggin'. we do. but it's a battlefield out t
treatment. this new video showing how bad things are getting. the general telling reporters that russia has a lot of options and their options are only growing day by day. general jack keen served is a fox news military analyst. russia's options growing day by day. what does that mean for ukraine? >> ukraine's in a difficult spot, no doubt about it. ever since they forced yanukovych out of ukraine, the fact of the matter is russia has been trying to get that government to move away from europe and to move into a relationship with him. that's what this intimidation is about. he's going to keep up the pressure until that government moves in his direction. there's an election coming on the 25th of may. while this intimidation will keep going and growing prior to that election to be sure. >> a lot of people say, general, why not? if you're of the mindset of putin, which most peel arenople, why not enroach? >> we could if we got tough. the sanctions are feeble, to be frank. we have restrictions on people as opposed to industry. we know we can get really tough on putin because we've done wit iran
from europe, from russia, or otherit through mechanisms. so it is very important. as far as the efficiency rates, ma'am, there, you crane is very inefficient. and the department of energy together with us is working on ukraines to work with to see what we can do to increase efficiency rates. as many haves addressed the subsidy issue where gas is so cheap that don't want to conserve, but also to put in place the kind of mechanisms and will allow for more conservation, so they can do far more with less or with same amount. that's a program that we've done in other countries, d.o.e. and department of state work together on these issues and i think we have a number much proposals that could work rewell for ukraine. >> mr. smith, can we talk about ferk and the process there is i understand is under cumbersome and takes longer how the that interrelate with process that you have ongoing? >> thank you. to get too far into the details of the ferk process, i would not be able to characterize it appropriately, but in general the ferk has an important theof managing environmental pro
calling for broader, tougher sanctions to punish russia for the interference in ukraine. the civil war in south sudan is on the verge of famine. the united nations official warned today more than one million people fled the violence at the start of crucial planting season. she said she's appalled neither of the two warring leaders seems concerned by the looming disaster. violence overshadows election day in iraq as people headed to the polls today to cast ballots in parliamentary elections. at least five people died in independent attacks. jonathan rugman filed this report. >> reporter: it's the kind of democracy saddam hussein would have never allowed. but in a country now racked by sectarian violence, iraq goferred for eight years by nouri al maliki from the shia majority, a man who rarely smiles. he voted early today casting this election as a referendum on his war against terror. >> i wish to see a huge turnout. god willing, we'll celebrate the success of this election and defeat terrorism and those who bet the election would be postponed. >> reporter: in parts of anbar province th
biden talked about the importance of the military alliance and how nato members should react to russia's violation of ukrainian sovereignty. his remarks of the atlantic council in washington are 20 minutes. [applause] >> see the respect this group has, mr. vice president? theehalf of fred kemp and atlantic council, welcome to our family. we have members of the board of directors. we have members of our international advisory council and most important, we have got some serious leaders from europe who are trying to determine their destiny around europe full and free. so over the last day, we have had the pleasure of hearing from many of these leaders. and it really is a distinct letter to conclude this extraordinary and timely conference with remarks by the vice president of the united states joe biden. that vicetting president biden would conclude our conference because few have done more than you, mr. vice andident, to promote advance vision of a united europe. during his tenure in the senate as chair of the foreign relations committee, then senator biden provided critical bipartisan
for stronger action against russia senate gop leaders saying that the u.s. needs a three- pronged approach including nato and tougher sanctions on russian banks and gas and arms dealers. and not what they call the president's tepid response. that is, and there is one senator that said they don't want contrary to what the president alleges. >> this bill does not authorize military action. and the people who are here are not here to try to create a military action in ukraine. we are here to prevent that. that's what the policy is about. we feel like the way the administration is handling this is leading us to a perilous place. >> we'll have to wait and see if the president attacks the new approach into consideration. new questions are surfacing. >>> pro russian government forces are taking another government build nothing the east. masked gunmen calling themselves the people's government calling for a vote and demanding closer toys to russia or full ax necksation. and here's the latest. leland? >> john. third time this week, that those armed separatist have walked in to a number of governmen
, the situation involving russia and ukraine, a mere 34% approve. what does this does all add up to by a 53 to 39% margin voters say they would rather see republicans to counter obama's policies. are we seeing another set up for the gop like we saw in 2010? independents are more willing to vote for candidates who are against obamacare. they need to go out and be proud of obamacare and they should be using this as a message? what about the independent numbers? >> they are definitely important and i hope they run on obamacare car. i don't think that they will. i think it's really what's the message of the administration. i mean typically presidents don't do as well in the polling in their second term, this isn't a huge surprise to geeks who follow the numbers like you and i. i question what's the message, one minute it's birth control for women, and then red line he's not going to be enforce, then he's talking about the nba. what's the message of this administration? it seems like a ping-pong ball. on obamacare, it touches every single household and women that they are so convinced they have a mond
for war. accuse him of having them and then to baghdad, libya, syria, russia and what other nation. then cock the hammer. if they don't do what we demand, start the war drums. this is the geronimo talk before the stupid ti of iraq. since vietnam the lines has been pushed. if a country fails to act the way we'd like we start war talk. we are one thumb to nose away from battle. this is the world of dick cheney, the american enterprise institute and the killers of the keyboard, chicken hawks who send otherses to battle while they man the op-ed pages. president obama did a great job in calling them out for what they are. warriors without swords, hawks without wings. patriots by the page, soldiers of the sound bite. that's "hardball." thanks for joining us. "all in with chris hayes" starts now. >>> effective immediately, i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the nba. mr. sterling may not attend any nba games or practices. he may not be present at any clippers facility and he may not participate in any business or player personnel decis
.n.f. this treaty between the united states and russia places limits on ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers. the united states has held up our agreement in the treaty. it appears the russians have not. according to press reports, it appears the russians have tested a ground launch cruise missile from an operational launcher. the russians have responded, this is a sea-based missile which does not fall under the treaty. there's no way to know if it's a sea-based missile until it's deployed but even so, if it was a sea-based missile and the russians tested on land using an operational launcher, it's in violation of the treaty. either way the russians are violating this treaty. according to press reports, the administration knew about the violation back in 2008. six years later the state department says, the violation is still under review and is not officially classified as a violation or not. time for the state department to pick a horse and ride it. either it's a violation or it's not a violation. i've introduced h.con.res. 94 with repres
to report that russia could potentially withdraw from treaties such as the i.n.f. and that they may further -- any further expansion of arms control efforts will likely make no headway for the foreseeable future system of, some of my colleagues, some of the pun -- i hear some pundits saying, give weapons, more sanctions, very few people are talking about diplomatic solutions. my first question is, do either of you still see, i believe there's still hope, we should talk and have conversations with nations we don't disagree with. is diplomacy an option here? do you seedy employee macy having an a chance here? or it has no chance? what role do you think diplomacy has in this. >> thank you, sir. we -- we believe that diplomacy is a critical aspect of of this. that's why secretary kerry has had, i forget, six, eight, 10 conversations with the russian foreign minister over the last couple of weeks. that's why he went to geneva to negotiate the terms of the geneva statement that laid out a pathway for de-escalation and so we very much believe that the -- that that is the -- that diplomacy is the w
that the type of sanctions that would work versus russia might be the same. those dealing with the more specifically with the energy sector and the banking sector. have those been considered are is this an issue with the european union? >> congressman they've been considered because the president signed an executive order that creates the authority for us to designate sectors should we make the determination that that's the appropriate step. i think that if you look -- >> this would have been stronger. >> if you look at the impact on russia's economy, it's a little misleading to look at what happens day by day. you have to look over the period of time since russia went into crimea. since we imposed sanctions. there has been quite a substantial deterioration in russia's already-weak economy. we see it in their stock exchange, their exchange rate, in a number of important economic indicators. they were down graded one notch above junk. with the rationale and bond rating was, in part, the sanctions being imposed. i think the question here is how do we proceed in a careful way, step by step
to supplant the rest of the world and doing so in a big way as well as building up their own military. russia is a powerful force in the world which we need to deal with as a major country, a major nation. major countries have their interests. i do not see what's going on in outcome of the communist ideology but instead you have a very important international power there, russia, that is governed by someone who is looking out for its national interests and who that leadership of that country obviously believes that what was going on in ukraine was contrary to their national interests and that they were not being treated fairly in a way in which a pro-russian leader was removed from office by street violence rather than by elections, which in their o result losing -- what they had was access to crimea and a port for their fleet. that said, i'd like to go back to the original purpose that we came here today, to talk about arms control and how that will inimpacted by this new shift our relations with russia and i say that no matter what i should have said the bottom line is, it is in recognitio
is allowing drillers to get at these previously unaccessible reserves. >> the u.s. just passed russia as number two. we are going to pass saudi arabia, we are going to be number one. >> there's so much interest in more domestic production, so many more jobs are being created. i think they've run out of workers. i'm not even sure we can build their roads fast enough to help us get this production under way. it is revitalizing the manufacturing base of america. >> i'm adam scott. we're a registered investment advisor and we invest in oil and gas ships on behalf of our clients. so what are the benefits of fracking? well, it's going to save america's youth from the burden of debt built up by their parents and their grandparents. fracking and the energy industries are going to create an additional 3.5 million jobs by 2020. >> but it is not that simple. there are many real concerns of the impact on our environment and these need to be addressed. >> ♪ one day i lit a match and the water caught on fire i thought about a lawsuit then stumbled upon the fact that fracking is exempted from the
to those that were polled by "usa today" that said sanction russia but don't arm ukraine, that is what they found out in this poll. >> guest: i disagree. sanctions i don't believe are ever going to work because we'll never have a unified regime of sanctions that are going to have enough teeth where it doesn't hurt western interests as bad. and so we'll never have the types of sanctions. you need sanctions in an, in types of countries that can't bite back. sanctions work good, i think, in north korea, potentially iran. i think it's much more difficult against an economy as large as russia. again, nobody's calling for a u.s. or nato combat troops on the ground to engage, but we are talking about providing some pretty good defensive weaponry, things like antitank weapon, that type of thing, to change putin's calculus so he doesn't mass a full-fledged invasion. give the ukrainian people a chance to stabilize their government, stabilize their country. >> host: i also want to ask you about what secretary of state john kerry said about the mideast peace process. your colleague, senator ted cr
russia, today europe is following suit but nothing so far as stopped scenes like this in donetsk where pro-russian militants attacked a pro-kiev unity rally. more today from my exclusive interview with treasury secretary jack lew. >> these are very important sanctions. they are sanctions that will get their attention. >> war of words. secretary of state john kerry backtracks about using the a word apartheid to describe a future israeli state if the palestinians don't become a separate nation but admitting he chose the wrong word hasn't quieted his loudest critics. >> before any further harm is do to our national security interest and critical alliance with israel that john kerry should offer president obama his resignation. >> judgment day, what will be the cost for clippers owner donald sterling after making racist comments? we'll find out this afternoon. >> if nothing happened you can boycott in the offseason, not just the clippers b s but the w league has to. if he's not thrown out, you have to do something. >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we're facing another day o
there in pieces. so what do you do now? >> one-two punch. after the u.s. expands sanctions against russia, today europe is following suit but nothing so far as stopped scenes like this in donetsk where pro-russian militants attacked a pro-kiev
on what's ahead. >> the u.s. took new action against russia for its role in the crisis in ukraine. >> did these sanctions freeze the assets of 17 companies companies? >> we have not seen comparable efforts. >> our goal is not to hurt the russian people. policy. >> iraq study group s at risk of becoming an apartheid state according to secretary of state john kerry. >> anybody who understands what apartheid s wouldn't make such a comment. >> secretary kerry has proven himself unsuitable to the position he holds. >> the sports world and beyond reacting to racist comments by the owner of the la clippers: . >> we begin with a diplomatic firestorm in the middle east. the starter, secretary of state john kerry who told th rtrlitra -- try lat tral t that unless they moved to a two-state solution, with peace talks scheduled to end tuesday, kerry said a 2-state collusion will be clearly underscored as the only reel alternative because a unitary state winds up being an apartheid state with second-class citizens or a state that destroys the capacity for israel to be a jewish state. condemnation of ke
name it, and russia as well. >> and what is the, you have raised a number of point, the t and let me address them. for example, with the president's strategy, we put a deal in place to remove syria's chemical weapons, and no shots fired, and killed suspected terrorists with the drone, and hasn't there been several examples that show that this sort of policy not only can work, but does it without any crazy expense or the loss of life. >> well, in terms of the loss of life, there have been thousands of more syrians killed using chemical weapons, and so when the administration leads from behind, and allows russia the lead syria with chemical weapons, we have seen it does not work there. in terms of iran, right now, iran got exactly what they wanted, sanctions removed, relief of the sanction, and they got access to the additional $7 billion of previously frozen assets, and so far, i have not seen the kind of results that we need in the united states in terms of the nuclear armed iran. >> let me go back if we can, because you brought up the sanction, and today, the european union brought
trip to asia. he took on his critics over hotspots like russia and syria, while saying his cautious avoids mistakes. what you think of his administration's foreign-policy today? you can also send us a tweet. comments on facebook and e-mail. we will get your thoughts in just a minute. " pieceshington post starts off by saying this. here's what the president had to say. >> typically, criticism of our foreign-policy has been directed at the failure to use military force. the question i think i would have is, why is it that everybody is so eager to use military force? after we have just gone through a decade of war at enormous troops and to our budget? exactly that these critics think would have been accomplished? my job as commander-in-chief is to deploy military force as a last resort, and to deploy it wisely. frankly, most of the foreign-policy commentator set ed our policies would go headlong into a bunch of military adventures at the american people have no interest in participating in and would not advance our core security interests. if you look at syria, for example, our interes
is adding sanctions against 15 people no connection with russia's actions with ukraine. they include vladimir putin. russia is criticizing the move as well as sanctions from the u.s. they're vowing a painful response. the u.s. targeted seven officials. >>> today vice president biden will unveil a plan to combat the epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses. it would require colleges to survey students for a better sense of how often assaults take place and provide a checklist for schools to re-examine sexual misconduct policies. the white house is launching a new website to publish enforcement data. those are your headlines at quarter past the hour. >>> let's take a break. when we come back on "new day," a piece of puzzle revealed for flight 370. the last radio communication between the cockpit and the control tower finally played to the families. we're going to get reactions this fr them and analysis from our team of experts. >>> nba just hours from announcing possibly repercussions for the l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. can his team be taken away from him?
round of sanctions against putin in russia. it's just been woefully inadequate. >> i think he had an incredible response to that criticism which we will air as well. >> i'm sure it was incredible. i can't wait. >> i'm sure you want to bomb everybody. you complain about war and then bomb everybody. please. >> if you're going to put sanctions in place, you would hope that after you put sanctions in place, the russian stock market doesn't go up. and the ruble doesn't go up on news of the tough sanctions. but we'll talk about that later. let's talk about the nba right now. >> later today the commissioner of the nba will weigh in on the alleged racist rant by l.a. clippers owner donald sterling four days after tmz first released the tapes. several sponsors already making their judgments. suspending or reviewing their deals with the clippers. some of the top brands includes virgin america, kia, state farm, samsung. the tapes capture sterling allegedly scolding his mistress for bringing african-americans to the games and posting photos of them on her instagram account. >> look at those t
, there are new sanctions against russia and a surge in violence in ukraine. the mayor of ukraine's second largest city is fighting for his life this morning after being shot in the back. his supporters say he was targeted because he backs the new government in kiev. there were also clashes in the eastern part of the country. pro-russian militants went after their demonstrators. several injuries were reported. the u.s. officially imposed a new series of sanctions yesterday against russia as president obama defended not using force to resolve the crisis. the sanctions target seven russians and 17 russian companies. the eu also followed suit sanctioning 15 russian officials. but there are new reports that iran which has been sanctioned for its nuclear program is in talks with russia for an energy deal worth up to $10 billion. meanwhile a top british official has some harsh words for the group holding a group of european monitors hostage. >> the detention and parading of these observers who should be released immediately is utterly reprehensible and does further damage to the standing of russia and t
means -- meant something quite different because of changes with russia and other geopolitical factors. the obama administration has always said the value taking its time to come to the state and has built an international consensus. does the consensus matter now? >> i do not think we have seen in practical terms the russians often their engagement in the process or stance within the process. it is clear there are a lot of things we have to reevaluate about russia's foreign-policy and attitudes towards its neighborhoods in toward the world. but i think on this one we have not seen evidence of their reevaluating or evidence of using the nuclear issue as leverage against us on other things. does not mean we should not worry about the possibility. and if indeed that happens, the process will not survive that i think. but let's work on countries acting in their interest. the issue has been to be a player. they have engage with iranians, nuclear cooperation as we know and that times have pulled back or put constraints on the cooperation. they want to be at the table and bf the player -- tab
underscores an increasingly tense standoff between russia and the west. >> yeah. and the men of ukraine's -- the mayor of ukraine's second city was in critical condition, shot in the back. >> investigators say they don't know who shot him. he was a key member of former ukrainian president victor yanukovych's party but is seeking to push for more local ethnic russian control while keeping the region part of ukraine. >> this report from the city of danesk. pro-russia activists stepped in with baton to break up a peaceful pro-ukraine demonstration. >>> the european union is set to impose new sanctions today on russia over the crisis in ukraine. >> they'll target 15 russian officials the e.u. believes are undermaining ukraine's -- undermining ukraine's sovereignty. this comes a day after the u.s. imposed sanctions of its own. jim sciutto can details. >> reporter: with the crisis in ukraine only growing more violent, the obama administration introduced new economic sanctions it says are designed to punish russia for orchestrating it. [ gunshot ] >> reporter: the sanctions fix on individuals
, the riding tensions over ukraine and the new sanctions against russia. how will putin respond? sterling speaks. as sponsors flee and players protest, the nba own ter accused of racism talks. drivers not wanted. here comes the google car, hands-free, road-tested. it's ready. but are you? we begin tonight with the growing controversy surrounding peace in the middle east. it centers around comments made by secretary of state john kerry that have angered some israeli and american politicians. speaking of foreign dig nat taries on friday, he saidisition is in danger of becoming in his words an apartheid state: scariry was describing pos ticket sconsequences. reaction was swift, especially fromvannator ted cruz who quickly called on kerry to resign. >> i believe the secretary kerry has proven himself unsuitable for the position he holds and, therefore, before any further harm is done to our national security interests and to our critical alliance with the nation of israel that john kerry should offer president obama his resignation. >> tonight, secretary of state kerry apologized for the comm
siegenthaler in new york. crisis in ukraine, new economic pun lishment for russia, and new violence. >> translator: right now the government in kiev are the pub -- puppets of the americans. >>> russia follow the money. the billions at stake in the kremlin's standoff with ukraine. >>> storm track, dangerous and deadly storms ripping through the country, and recovery, the philippines battling back six months after a devastating typhoon. >>> tonight in eastern ukraine, violence exploded in the streets. pro russia activists crashed a pro-government rally. they beat protesters with baseball bats. and in another major city the mayor was shot in the back. now the u.s. is imposing more sanctions against moscow. this is the fourth time the ups has gone this route. this time the focus is on seven russian officials and 17 companies with close ties to vladimir putin. they will face travel bans and asset freezes. the u.s. is curving exports of high-tech products to russia. the european union says it will impose similar sanctions tomorrow. mike viqueira joining us now from manila. mike, what is t
of the sanctions placed on russia is the right response. >> u.s. and europe turn up the heat on vladimir putin's inner circle. exploding to violence in eastern ukraine. >>> international buyers circle. >> and searching through the wreckage after a wave of tornadoes kills at least 17 people in the united states. it has been an unprecedented day in egypt with 683 people sentenced to death for their roles in the violence following the ousting of mohamed morsi last july. one of the 683 is the muslim brotherhood leader, mohamed bahdi, who says he quill continue his course. however commuted several other death sentences passed in march. al jazeera reports. >> relatives in shock. moments after the verdict was announced. heavy security was deployed outside the court building, where egyptian presiding judge said youssef subjected members of the muslim brotherhood to death. including the group's leader, a political group to which former egyptian president mohamed morsi belongs. the defendants sentenced on monday are accused of insighting violence, killing a policeman in southern egypt. the attack happen
with russia. this highly exaggerated cost was assessed and report that is close to the public. constituents living in aiken and barnwell counties deserve to know the truth. i am glad they filed a freedom of information act request in pursuit of the cost analysis. we should be working together for environmental cleanup, for nonproliferation compliance and to support the savannah river site and its vital mission with dedicated employees. in conclusion, god bless our troops and we will never forget september 11 and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlelady from florida, ms. frankel, seek recognition? ms. frankel: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. ms. frankel: mr. speaker, today on holocaust remembrance today, we solemnly reflect on the six million jews who were system @ically murdered by a mad man, known as hitler, and his nazi followers. we remember the children torn from the arms of their parents and they marche
with russia? a key obama foreign policy adviser will be here to discuss that. >>> also, my wide ranging and exclusive interview with the former prime minister of great britain, tony blair, on why he thinks islamic extremism in the middle east is worse than it's ever been. >>> from nbc news in washington, the world's longest running television program, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. >>> good sunday morning. developing story this weekend to talk about. it's what we begin with. i'm joined by civil rights activist and the host of "politics nations" on msnbc, the reverend al sharpton. lorraine miller and bryant gumbel host of "real sports with bryant gumbel." here are the comments by donald sterling allegedly made by donald sterling first revealed on tape by the site tmz. listen. >> yeah, it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. do you have to? you can sleep with them, you can bring them in. you can do whatever you want. the little i ask you is not to promote it on that -- and not to bring them to my games. >> this is purportedly
the site said it had a recordings f of kerry's remarks from u.s., russia and japan an a unitary state becomes apartheid state with second class sit vents or a state that destroys the capacity of israel to be a jewish state. now the u.s. state department has told al jazeera that kerry was echoing statements previously made by former israeli prime ministers. its spokeswoman said the only way to have two nations and two people lives side by side in peace and security is through a two-state solution and we are live from jerusalem to tell us how these comments by kerry were received by israelis? >> reporter: hi there. well it's interesting enough, we are not hearing an israeli reaction just yet and they may be working to try to form ap proper statement to go with kerry but they will not be happy about the statements and have not been happy about statements he made in the past and just in march secretary kerry said if the current peace talks fail, that this could help the palestinian movement, boycott divestment and sanctions movement that is going to gain momentum in europe in kerry's mind
sanction on russia as soon as tomorrow. because of its failure to de-escalate the situation in ukraine. for the latest we bring in fox news live from eastern ukraine. leland. >> chris, the president has been trying to walk a very fine line in this crisis keeping the europeans involved with these sanctions, while at the same time making the sanctions tough enough that moscow notices it and perhaps walks back some of the threats to invade ukraine. he spoke to that point earlier today. sfroo we're going to be in a stronger position to deter mr. putin when he sees that the world is unified and the united states and europe is unified rather than this is just a u.s., russian conflict. >> this tough talk has not changed many on the ground. the pro-russian separatists still hold a number of hostages, including eye group of international monitors that they paraded out in front of a press conference today calling them "prisoners of war." the russian foreign minister has said she will try and help get these people freed and use his country's influence. so far that is proved to either be an empty
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